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Today we’ve launched one of our newest service lineup called Hyperpage VM. 

What is Hyperpage VM?

Hyperpage VM’s are fully managed KVM virtual machine built using enterprise-grade HA solid-state storage powered by our state of the art infrastructure and customer support. These VM’s are designed for those who are looking for something much more powerful than a shared hosting.

Hyperpage VM’s come with free cPanel/WHM license and are fully managed by our engineers so that you can just sit back and focus on your business and let us take care of all technical aspects of your website.

These virtual machines are easy to scale according to your growth and are very reliable because they are hosted in our enterprise-grade nodes powered by latest hardware’s and are suitable for any size of websites. These VM’s are currently hosted in our flagship London city data center but we are already working on two new locations from North America and South Asia.

How much do that cost?

We have tried to keep the pricing as low as possible, there are no further hidden fees and billing will be done in monthly and annual payment terms.


We are looking forward to seeing you onboard with us and if you have any queries related to Hyperpage VM or any other service then please let me know.