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It has been a while since I wrote a blog post related to Hyperpage, but today I decided to update our users regarding all these new changes you might have noticed.

We’ve been working really hard since last few months and we are finally out of Public preview which means our platform is now ready to serve you more efficiently. Recently we have teamed up with few local London based web & graphic designers in order to make our Managed hosting service more powerful.

We’ve recently launched Hyperpage Studio where local business can get a professional website designed according to their requirement, but our DIY website builder is still there if you wish to build on by yourself. Other than that we have revamped our pricing in order to make our platform more efficient and we are pretty sure you might have already noticed our brand new website design.

Our backend has also been upgraded in order to deliver more performance, we have deployed few more nodes and upgraded hardware and network of our current nodes and we are sure you will notice the performance spike by next week.

Our 2018 Roadmap

There are pretty big plans for 2018, throughout this year we will be introducing few more services and launch our region based services.

Upcoming services

Email Hosting: We will be launching our premium Email Hosting service by the end of April, our Email hosting service will be a perfect platform for both business use and personal use.

WordPress Hosting: A dedicated platform backed by our fabulous infrastructure for your WordPress site, we are soon going to roll-our private beta and by early September, we will launch this service for the public.

Virtual Machines: Dedicated Linux VM’s with cPanel/WHM for those who are looking for something more than a shared hosting, we are hoping to roll-out this service by early November.

Regional Focused Services

We’ve decided to launch our regional focused service in India where we will be promoting the power of the Internet and how it can help local businesses, this will be a truly managed service where our only goal will be to connect as many local businesses we can to the Internet. Our team has already started working on this project and we will soon roll-out this service at Pune.

We will eventually launch this service in other countries but this can take time.

We hope you are enjoying your service at Hyperpage, if you are not then feel free to ping me at Live chat and I will try my best to fix things for you.