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Finding it difficult to choose between web hosting and dedicated hosting? we have written a decent article for you so that you can make the correct call before deploying your next project.

Web Hosting: Hosting your website or application in a shared environment where you share the resources of the server with other users.

Dedicated Hosting: Hosting your website or application in a dedicated environment where you have total control over the server.

Level of control

In dedicated hosting, you will basically have 100% root access to the server which means that you will have total control over the server whereas in Webhosting you will be allocated a certain resource on a shared server where you will have lesser core control over the server.

Difference in performance

Obviously, dedicated hosting is much more superior over shared hosting in this scenario because a dedicated hosting will offer you a better performance because of dedicated resources allocated to it unlike web hosting where you share the resource with other users on the server.

Difference in cost

Web hosting is significantly cheaper than dedicated hosting because here you share the resource and in dedicated hosting, you don’t share the resource.

Required Technical Skills

Managing web hosting is much easier than dedicated hosting because dedicated hosting usually comes with a user-friendly UI where everything can be done in clicks but dedicated hosting requires you to have a basic level of technical skills and experience with Linux or Windows server, this issue can be overcome by signing up for a managed hosting solutions where experienced system administrators will manage your server for you for an hourly or monthly based contract.


Even though security is our main concern and we try our best to ensure your data is safe with us, we still recommend you to remember the fact that “in web hosting, you share the resources of the server with other users” and hosting critical applications, websites and most important databases in shared hosting is not recommended at all. Dedicated hosting offers you a better security but still, we would recommend you to sign up for managed services if you lack the technical knowledge.

Always implement SSL certificate on your website and at Hyperpage we offer unlimited SSL certificates for your websites at free of cost. To enable SSL certificate on your Hyperpage website please visit cPanel> Let’s Encrypt > Enable SSL on your prefered domains and sub-domains.

Sharing of resources

With web hosting, you will be allocated a limited storage because there are other users sharing the server and you will be charged if you wish to expand your storage. With dedicated hosting, you don’t have to share your storage because the hard disk is dedicated for your use.


Web hosting is an affordable way to get online or deploy your application but it lacks security, performance and level of control compared to dedicated hosting whereas dedicated hosting is costlier than web hosting but it comes with huge benefits if you are looking to host critical/high scale websites or applications. Web hosting is perfect for hosting blogs, medium scale websites and applications.

PS: There is no such thing as “unlimited hosting” because there is a limit for everything and it is impossible to offer unlimited storage or bandwidth (We have a fair usage policy and will cap your bandwidth usage if you are found misusing it) and we regularly scale our nodes to ensure that there is no resource shortage.